Why should you trust your smile with us?

We offer a variety of braces including: metal braces, clear braces, invisible braces, and lingual braces. We accept most medical aids and we have flexible payment options.
A healthy, beautiful smile can ensure your child’s long-term dental and overall health, while improving their self-image and increasing their confidence.

We understand that not everyone loves the idea of coming to the Orthodontist. But we promise that your first visit with us will be warm and friendly. Making you and your child feel comfortable is very important to us, as is answering all your questions that you and your child may have.

Why should you arrange an early appointment with us?

Oral Habits

Correct detrimental oral habits like thumb-sucking.


Increase the effectiveness of final treatment results and their permanence.


Improve the ease of respiration.


Prevent further wear or injury to teeth and jaw joints by moving the teeth and jaws to their ideal positions.


Discourage speech handicaps.

Early Intervention

Possibly prevent the need for braces and even oral surgery through early intervention in undesirable bite or positioning patterns.

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Why will visiting us boost your health?

Besides cosmetic reasons for orthodontic treatment, there are a number of reasons why seeing an orthodontist may improve your health. A bad bite can be harmful to your overall well-being, by correcting your bite, we can help you alleviate many common symptoms and chronic conditions to help you improve your overall quality of life. Herewith are some common health conditions that may be alleviated with orthodontic treatment.
If you suffer from reoccurring headaches and/or pressure behind your eyes, temples or at the back of the head, it could be due to jaw tension and grinding.
Neck ache or shoulder pain may be caused by the same imbalance and tensions of muscles, tendons, joints and bones.
If you suffer from sleep disruptions or snoring, it might be due to a lack of oxygen caused by a misaligned jaw. Your jaw posture has an impact on your breathing, and corrective alignment treatments can lead to improved oxygen flow.
If you suffer from sinus, mouth breathing or other difficulties breathing, the shape of your mouth and jaw may be to blame. By making adjustments to your palate and jaw, we can widen the sinuses which can allow for a more efficient airflow.
Sometimes oral hygiene can be harder because of crooked teeth or overcrowding. By correcting these issues with orthodontic treatment, taking care of your teeth will be easier.
If your teeth are not as straight and beautiful as you would like, it can lead to problems regarding self esteem.